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Model CHM-SGT Sheeter Machine pro řezání rolí papíru potaženého silikonem

ČAS: 2022-01-07 HITS: 12

Today I will share with you the CHM-SGT1700 high-precision double-rotating knife web slitting machine from CHM Machinery. This equipment integrates advanced technology. In addition to stability, no paper lint, reduction of loss, etc., it is slitting coated paper In terms of performance is very good! It can also meet the one-open four-production model, with high speed, high productivity, and high quality!
In the video, we customize MAXCESS slitting knives for customers, let us walk into the production site together!

Coated paper is a composite material that coats plastic particles on the surface of the paper through a casting machine. The main feature is that the composite material can be oil-proof, waterproof (relatively), and can be heat-sealed. The single-gloss white kraft paper has a basis weight of 30-60 grams, which meets the requirements of food packaging and is suitable for the use of coated paper bottom paper. The front side (glossy side) is used to print customer brand information, and the back side is coated. After printing and coating, it is mainly used for food packaging, food paper bags, food cushion paper, such as hamburger paper, fried dough paper bag, fried food paper bag, cushion paper, etc.

CHM Machinery's double-knife slitting machine is sold well in domestic and overseas markets. It is a popular first choice for printing houses, paper and paper companies in the world. It has won the trust and praise of customers with its excellent performance and professional services! Want to buy as soon as possible! For details, please consult our regional sales manager.

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Automatické stohováníMaxcess Position System
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